Bulk 7 Day Dinner Pack- low-FODMAP

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2,450.00 Grams
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A healthy and delicious selection of home-style, gourmet low-FODMAP mains to keep you going for 7 days of dinner.

Pack Includes

1 x "fish" flavoured shredded "pork"( low-fodmap)
1 x steamed gluten with brown rice( low-fodmap)
1 x sweet & sour 'pork' with pineapples ( low-fodmap)
1 x japanese green curry (low-fodmap )
1 x kung pao "chicken" with black rice( low-fodmap)
1 x vegan "mutton" rendang with basmati rice(low-fodmap )
1 x home-made vegan dumplings(low-fodmap )

Dietary Requirements

If you have a specific dietary requirement, please advise by writing in the Special Delivery Instructions box at the checkout. Eg: "Egg-free" etc.

Alternatively, you can email us at orders@vege2go.com.au and list your requirements. Please quote your order number when doing so.

You can also call us on 9384 6200.