NDIS CUSTOMER ACCOUNT APPLICATION FORM ( We will contact with you soon).

Vege2go is a registered service provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and is already working with NDIS participants. We offer healthy and delicious vegan and vegetarian ready meals to people with disability under NDIS.

NDIS customers could choose everything on the website and could make their own choices for the dinner pack and meal plan. It can be different all the time, so customers won't feel boring by having the same meals every week. If you have any allergy about any ingredients, i.e soy & nuts, please write it in the email and we will pay special attention with your requirements.  

We serve self managed, agency managed and plan managed customers in all areas of Australia. We will send you a quotation and you could send it to NDIS for approval before you place the order. If you are self managed, you need to place the order on the website first, and we will send you the invoice to claim from NDIS. If you are agency or plan managed, NDIS will pay food preparation cost plus delivery fee, and you will need to pay ingredients cost as your co-payment. To set up an account with us, you need to create an account in our website and notify us by sending an email to [email protected] . Then we will assign you to a NDIS customer group. When you place the order online, you will only need to pay ingredient cost when checking out. We will bill NDIS preparation cost plus delivery fee. (Promotions including free delivery and delivery fee rate on the website do not apply to NDIS customers)